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Colin Brister Photography Products

The Spike – a new and ingenious piece of kit that every photographer needs in their collection of gear…

Lightweight and versatile, The Spike is a portable stand for lighting as well as a camera support or rest.

Working mainly in motorsport photography for the last ten years, I needed to work out a quick and easy option to position my lighting trackside. I need to move around track while the racing is going on, so getting into position quickly and getting my lighting right for each shot is essential as it gives me the edge over my competitors. As a consequence, I have made many Spikes over the years.

Recently, I have been using my Spike with my macro lens and for nature photography. Both for my lighting and for my camera, by adding the adaptor; it is easy to fit a ballhead which will support your camera, great for macro or when using long lens for nature.

Many photographer friends and colleagues asked me where they could get one, so I felt the market was ready for The Spike.
Available in two sizes, 12” & 24” it is fully extendable to give you plenty of options so you can get your light right where you want it.
Made from steel and aluminium, this a lightweight and robust product, easy to use and quick to get into position. I will support any lighting, takes speedlight brackets and all the way through to the latest portable 600 units.

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